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RadVenture Camp

RadVenture Camp is all about becoming a better athlete. The focus is on smaller groups with dedicated coaching throughout the sessions.

RadVenture can either be a half day single sport camp or a full day two sport camp. The full day camp is a half day of trampoline training and a half day of another sport. Squamish offers Radventure camps in Trampoline, Skateboarding and Mountain Biking Nanaimo offers Radventure camps in Trampoline, Skateboarding, Parkour, and Mountain Biking.

We offer these camps for age ranges; 5-8 y/o and 8-12y/o’s - Please ensure your child meets the level prerequisites for their chosen camps.

RadVenture | Trampoline | Full Week/Half Day 4-8 yr old CAD$267.14Purchase required to enroll

Take flight to another level with one of our world class designed trampoline training programs.

This is a full week / half day course is from 1pm - 4pm daily. Class ratio is 6:1.

RadVenture | Mt. Bike + Trampoline | Full Week / Full day | 8 - 12 yr old CAD$523.81Purchase required to enroll

Ages 8 - 12.

This 5 day camp, from 9am - 4pm each day, focuses on improving your Mountain Bike and Freestyle Trampoline skills.

All Campers will mix training in both disciplines while learning new skills that are transferable and help them with their progression.

We will be using a variety of bike terrain throughout the town. From downhill favourites to dirt jumps the campers will be engaged to learn new skills. Airhouse is our clubhouse where we will spend a few hours each day on the tramps developing our skill progression.

This camp is for Intermediate to Advanced bikers. (Bikers must be able to ride "Blue" trails in Squamish, Whistler or North Vancouver as per the descriptions on the TrailForks app.

6:1 Ratio of Camper to Coach.