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Mountain Bike Club

CAD$695Purchase required to enroll
The Airhouse MTB Club program has been designed to further progress the skills of our athletes, while incorporating a club environment. This program will provide more of a sense of community and team bonding, resulting in athletes continuing training and development within Airhouse programs. The program will be spread out over multiple days/weeks allowing athletes to learn everything that mountain biking entails. Trail and bike maintenance, trail etiquette, cornering, jumping, pumping, and maneuvering technical terrain. We will develop these skills through our progression based curriculum.

Who is the Club for?
The club program caters towards athletes from ages 8-12/13-17 years old's. Pending enrollments will plan to have level splits for novice/intermediate as well as advanced/expert. For this program we will be incorporating our standard ratio of 6:1 for Novice/Intermediate riders, and 8:1 for intermediate/advanced..

Club Prerequisites
Athletes should be capable of riding over uneven terrain, while using their brakes and gears appropriately. They should also be capable of riding upwards of 3hrs in an outdoor and wilderness environment. A novice/intermediate level of riding is required for this program, for those not quite at that level we will still be offering our TRY Camp which offers more Intro to trail riding in Squamish.

What is included in the Club?

The Club will be over the 8 weeks of summer with two sessions each week: July 3rd - Aug 31st, 2019). (Aug 3rd & 7th off).
Sessions are 4 hours
An Airhouse Wicked pass is included in price for the period of the Club.
Cancellation policy Due to hiring and retaining the best coaches and camp counselors we ask that you try to make any changes as much in advance as possible. We do understand that life happens and events can change. In that case we have the following refund policy:

Within 7 days there are no refunds.

Thank you.