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Discovery Day | Free Trial Lessons

During this Free Trial Day, Kids can try out Parkour, Trampoline, Skate and Gymnastics, during 30 min lessons.

High Performance Training

This is a specialized training course using Trampolines and Dryland Training.
You will focus on training in the air with our ski and snowboard equipment with your dedicated coach.

Designed for athletes who would like to take their skills to the next level.

Ages 7+, 6x sessions - Every Thursday, 1hr 45min $195

Trampoline Lessons

Freestyle Trampoline Training Programs. Our courses are designed to complement and enhance our athletes ability to perform in all sports.

Skateboard Lessons

Airhouse Academy Skateboard lesson program for ages 5 and up.

Parkour Lessons

Find your Parkour lesson plans at Airhouse Squamish here.

Gymnastics Lessons

Welcome to the Gymnastics Lesson plans at Airhouse Squamish.

AirVenture Camp

AirVenture Camp is all about being active, learning skills and having fun. Through a variety of coaching, activities, games and crafts your child will have a day that is both lively and engaging.

RadVenture Camp

RadVenture Camp is all about becoming a better athlete. The focus is on smaller groups with dedicated coaching throughout the sessions.


Everything but just for Girls.

Try Squamish Camp

Bike - Climb - Tramp Summer Camp.

In partnership with Dialed in Cycling & Ground Up Climbing, we present the Try Squamish Camp. We offer a 3 day and 5 day version of this camp.


Airhouse Drop-ins. Here is the place to find the session time that is best for you to come train in our facility.

Birthday Parties

Airhouse Birthdays are #thebestbirthdaysever. Every one loves to bounce and doing it with 15 of your best friends and family make it even better (we can have more too). Check out why this is so easy and fun to organize and host.

Airhouse Events

Airhouse Events are everything else we do. From a variety of different themed events to special private functions. What do you want to do? Ask us and we are happy to help create an experience for you.